7 Steps To Advertising Your Aromatherapy Business

Advertising Your Aromatherapy BusinessAdvertising and promoting your aromatherapy business is key to getting the fledgling business off the ground and attracting future clients. Some people enjoy the work and challenge of attracting future aromatherapy clients, and others avoid it, hoping that clients will simply be attracted to come to them….

For your business to become a thriving, revenue producing affair, it’s important to get your aromatherapy business name known by advertising your services over a wide range of platforms, however informally that may be.

These 7 simple steps will help inspire you in successfully advertising your aromatherapy clinic to your local community.

1). First Impressions…

hyessentialoils.comFirst impressions really count, so if your business is an aromatherapy clinic set up in a dedicated room at home, or, in an existing salon with a reception area, it is important the entry space should appear inviting, and present an atmosphere in which clients feel they can relax before their treatment even begins.

Comfortable seating, soft lighting and soothing music, or a gently trickling water fountain, a selection of current magazines to browse through and fresh flowers all contribute to creating a welcoming and confidence inspiring ambiance.

An essential oil diffuser is a nice touch, but only if its fragrance does not reach the treatment room, where it would interfere with aromas of oils being used for treatment.

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2). Business Cards And Leaflets

An attractively designed business card may simply give your name, qualifications and contact details.you may want to give your business name as well as including a catchy phrase that clearly conveys a service you are offering. For example you could have something such as:”Relax, Rebalance and Re-energise Yourself”

A detailed leaflet or brochure will ideally describe your services in detail with a variety of choices of treatments on offer, and will include a price list along with well chosen graphics. Brochure are relatively inexpensive to have printed and make sure that your aromatherapy business brochure is produced in the same colours and design as your aromatherapy business card.

3). Advertising Your Aromatherapy Business

Advertising space in a local newspaper or magazine can be quite expensive, so choose your publications carefully so as to reach the most potential clients. You may decide to include a special offer on their first visit, giving, say a 10% discount off their first treatment. This is a good way to encourage potentially loyal aromatherapy clients to book their first appointment.

Local papers will often write a free article when you first open your business. Contact your local paper and invite a journalist to visit your clinic for a complimentary treatment which will lead to a free write up.

Other easy ways to advertise your aromatherapy business include letterbox dropping, carefully worded flyers in local shop windows and placing flyers on car windscreens.

hyessentialoils.comLocal markets and Farmers Markets make an excellent  avenue to promote your services.

By using quality portable massage chairs and tables, you can offer brief, introductory 10 minute sessions to give possible clients a taste of what you offer from your knowledge and expertise to previous client testimonials.

You can set up a marque along with a table which is attractively laid out with your aromatherapy business cards, brochures, products such as  quality essential oils, massage oils, beauty products, aromatherapy oil diffusers etc…

4). Use The Online World To Advertise Your Aromatherapy Business

social media for setting up aromatherapy business These days advertising your business is no longer limited to advertising in the local paper, business cards and leaving strategically placed brochures around town.

The Internet is an integral and pivotal tool in helping your aromatherapy business thrive. By increasing online awareness of your aromatherapy clinic, you can choose to build a website and create a handful of well chosen social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc to get your name out there. You can even choose to do some paid advertising for as little as five dollars

Social media takes very little time to set up. Choose a well thought out description of your services, the hours and treatments you offer, whether you do in home visits, how far your travel and make sure you post on a regular basis, such as two or three times per day.

WordPress is a user-friendly, free website where you can create your own website for very little or no cost. You can also look at having a website created by a local website designer.

Another online avenue which is becoming increasingly popular is Amazon local. I have often seen aromatherapy therapists advertising on Amazon local and it’s a great way for gaining exposure and finding potential new clients.

By leveraging all these inexpensive online tools, you can quickly and easily drive your marketing efforts. Be sure to pick a catchy business name that will help future clients remember you. Jane Smith Aromatherapy Business just doesn’t quite cut it.

5). Networking Your Aromatherapy Business

A fun idea is to invite friends and business associates to a wine and snacks evening. Handouts and brochures and price lists and suggest they might like to recommend you to others, even if they did not take up your offer themselves. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways of spreading the word about your business, as well as being the cheapest 🙂  By offering the best aromatherapy treatment possible for your clients, you will find your clients will happily spread the word to their friends and family about your services.

Depending on the market you are targeting, you could approach leisure centers, health and golf clubs, local pharmacies, doctors surgeries and libraries.

6). Spreading The Word About Your Aromatherapy Clinic


One step up from networking is giving a talk, and there are many organisations that would be pleased to invite you to do so. Some of these organisations are local social clubs, charities, luncheon clubs and women’s guilds.

These are a great way to start off in a small informal group is not too large to begin with and from there you can progress to larger groups as you gain confidence in presenting and public speaking about the benefits and services you offer in your aromatherapy business.

It can be daunting at first if you are not used to talking in front of an audience, but for aromatherapists there is help at hand in the form of the essential oils themselves.

After a short introduction about yourself, you could say a little about the history of aromatherapy, explain what essential oils are and then encourage some audience participation. Take along with you a few popular essential oils and put a drop of an oil on some appropriately labelled strips.

You can then pass these around for people to smell while talking about that particular essential oil and the ways it may be used. Your audience will enjoy comparing the different aromas and it will bring alive your descriptions.

Visual aids such as charts or pictures of the plants you are talking about also help make a talk interesting and memorable.

A card with headings giving the framework for your talk is a useful prompt, but never read from a script. Rehearse what you are going to say at home, with a timer, remember to smile, after all they are interested to hear what you are offering and the benefits of aromatherapy, and remember to give time for a question-and-answer session at the end.

7). Subliminal Promotion

 Aromatherapy Treatment RoomClients can initially be attracted by advertising, but their wish to return and to recommend you to others will depend on the impressions they take away with them.

Of course your professional and empathetic treatment is key, and it is often easy to overlook little things that send out subliminal positive or negative messages: soft lighting, gentle color schemes of the decor, warmed, fluffy cotton towels add a touch of pampering luxury, whereas dog-eared magazines or leaflets make a place feel run-down.

If you have a receptionist, or share one in a group practice, never forget that this person is the first point of contact your clients: a friendly smile and voice is the most important part of your business besides the actual treatment. A receptionist can also help enormously in the smooth running of the business, by:

  • Making and keeping track of appointment book
  • Taking charge of stock control
  • Ensuring the reception area is kept fresh, tidy and welcoming

Closing Thoughts On Advertising Your Aromatherapy Business

These are a few pointers in inspiring you on advertising your aromatherapy business to the general public. Some advertising avenues will work more successfully than others and you may need to use a combination to attract sufficient clients to create a financially successful aromatherapy business to support you and even your family.

Word of mouth is the cheapest and best form of advertising your aromatherapy business. Loyal, repeat customers who love you and the benefits of their aromatherapy treatments, will happily pass on your details to friends and family. Look after these clients, they are pure gold and always treat them with utmost professionalism, empathy and love. and your business will flourish.