Lemon Oil For Aromatherapy

Lemon oil is an important essential oil when it comes to aromatherapy because of its various unique properties. It is derived from the peel of lemon by cold compression. This oil has a fresh and sharp smell to soothe the senses.

Properties of lemon essential oil:

Lemon essential oil has many therapeutic properties such as antiseptic, antimicrobial, depurative, diuretic, anti-anemic, haemostatic, insecticidal, anti-rheumatic, bactericidal, anti-sclerotic, febrifuge, carminative, cicatrisant, diaphoretic, astringent and tonic.

It is a detoxifying oil which can stimulate white blood corpuscles. Lemon oil can help in slightly lowering the temperature of the body and helps improve blood circulation. It helps to promote the ability to focus and concentrate.

It is anti-inflammatory oil also known as an antiemetic oil and has anti-spasmodic properties.

Benefits of using Lemon oil in aromatherapy:

Lemon essential oil helps relieve throat infection, cough, flu, asthma and bronchitis. It helps to cleanse the body and is helpful in boosting the body’s immune system.

It is helpful against and arthritis rheumatism as well as helping to relieve migraines and headaches. It also helps in improving the blood circulation and in reducing blood pressure.

As a beauty product it is helpful in cleaning greasy hair and skin and helps in clearing acne and removing dead skin cells.

Being anti-inflammatory, it helps to relieve and ease mouth ulcers, insect bites, painful cold sores, and herpes. It is also good in treating muscular problems.

It aids the digestive system and helps to fight against various infections. This oil has a refreshing scent and stimulates the healthy functions of the liver.

Other uses of lemon essential oil include being used to disinfect a room using a diffuser, make homemade soaps and lotions, prevent loss of hair, antidepressant uses, treating urinary tract infections and it prevents cellular mutation and helps to enhance the process of DNA repair.

Being an antiemetic, it helps to relieve conditions of nausea and vomiting and is good against motion sickness.

Being anti-spasmodic, it is effective in treating bloats, intestinal cramps and diarrhea. It increases the metabolism and therefore speeds up the fat burning process of the body.

Using Lemon oil:

Although it is a reasonably safe essential oil, before using it one should be aware whether they are allergic to it or not. It is a photosensitive oil. Therefore, care should be taken to not use it when exposed to sunlight. Also, exposure to sunlight should be avoided for up to 12-24 hours after using this oil.

Overuse of Lemon essential oil should be avoided.

For aromatherapy, shelf life of this oil is from 8-10 months. After this, the oil should only be used for fragrance therapy.

It can cause skin irritation and sensitivity in some individuals. You should therefore take the advice of a physician before ingesting this oil.

For topical applications, the oil should be diluted before use with oils like chamomile, fennel, eucalyptus, frankincense, juniper, peppermint and sandalwood. It should not be used for children below the age of 6 years.

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