Tea Tree Essential Oil Health Benefits

Tea tree essential oil comes from distilling Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves using steam and Tea Tree essential oil health benefits are many as it can be used for a multitude of uses from health care to cleaning around the house.

The plant originates in Australia. Actually, the tea tree is a shrub that has yellow to green medium needle like leaves and the tea tree is also referred to as paper bark due to the plant’s white papery bark.

The essential oil that is extracted from the twigs and leaves of the tea tree is a pale yellow color.  It has a very spicy and pungent aroma that is similar to nutmeg and has a slight camphor smell.

When it comes to the Tea Tree essential oil health benefits, it is the most effective for fighting the infectious organism’s fungi, viruses and bacteria.  Its powerful immunogenic and antiseptic properties are very effective for combating various different ailments and illnesses.

It is a great overall first-aid ointment.  Penetrating warmth is generated by tea tree oil, and it also provides both emotional and physical healing.

The plant is also sometimes called melaleuca oil or Australia tea tree oil.  The plant leaves were historically used as a tea alternative.

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hyessentialoils.comFor medicinal purposes and Tea Tree essential oil health benefits , the oil derived from the plant is used and the most commonly available form of tea tree essential oil is pure natural essential oil. In addition, tea tree essential oil is one of the ingredients that is used to make shampoos, lotions, soaps and creams.

Tea tree oil has many different uses.  It has aromatherapy benefits which can help with treating many different health problems.

The plant is basically a shrub with spiky white flowers and green spiky leaves.

Health Conditions: Tea Tree Essential Oil Health Benefits

Tea tree oil also has antiseptic and anti fungal properties.

Do not take the oil orally.

It can be used in aromatherapy to treat conditions like: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, ringworm, bad breath, dandruff, scalp infections, minor cuts, acne, nail infections, athlete’s foot, nits, lice and warts.

A warm tea tree bath can be used to treat Candida (vaginal yeast infection).  Abdominal massages using tea tree oil with carrier oil can effectively treat periodontal disease as well as muscle and joint pain.

Keep in mind that tea tree essential oil also is an ingredient found in some mouthwashes.  However, there are no clinical studies to prove that it effectively treats bad breath.


Tea Tree essential oil health benefits offer  antibacterial benefits.

In addition, it can help to cure wounds given they are very susceptible to getting bacterial infections.

Antiseptic Tea Tree essential oil health benefits

The essential oil makes an excellent antiseptic.  It can be applied to bites, insect stings, sores, cuts, boils and wounds as well as some eruptions.  This helps to keep infections under control.  It is a very good antibiotic as well.

Another thing that tea tree oil helps with is getting rid of certain viruses.  It provides protection from them as well.  Tea tree oil can be used as well for treating different kinds of viral infections, including mumps, measles, flu and the common cold.

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The Tea Tree essential oil health benefits can alleviate sore throats and cold symptoms through gargling and steam inhalation.  It can help to prevent colds from turning into laryngitis, sinusitis or bronchitis if used on a regular basis.

The essential oil also has balsamic effects which can provide a boost to your health.  Tea tree essential oil health benefits aid  with absorbing nutrients from food and provides protection from diseases.

The cicatrisant properties of the essential oil helps with keeping infections at bay and with wounds healing faster as well as neutralizing scar marks and spots left by pox, acne, eruptions and boils.

Tea Tree essential oil health benefits are very effective for is the treatment of fungal infections like athlete’s foot and dermatitis.

It works as a very effective insecticide as well. All you need to do is rub some of the oil onto your body.  It deters insects like mosquitoes, fleas, lice and flies from coming near you. 

The essential oil can also work to eliminate internal worms like hookworm, round worm and tapeworm.

Tea Tree Essential Oil Health Benefits for Positive Thinking

The powerful aroma of tea tree oil helps to count fatigue, improve concentration and clear the mind.  The oil helps with inspiring self-confidence and dispelling the doom and gloom that chronic illness can bring.

It helps to foster a creative and positive attitude towards healing.  The oil also enhances the feelings of endurance and inner strength.

Regular massages and baths using tree tea oils helps with boosting the immune system, particularly in situations of debilitating, long term illnesses like Esptein-Barr Virus or mononucleosis.  A tea tree and Aloe Vera gel mixture can help to reduce the discomfort and pain that shingles can inflict.

There are other important health benefits that tea tree essential oil provides, including removing uric acid, salt, water and toxins from the body.  The oil also helps with relieving sprains, muscular pain and body aches.

Tea Tree essential oil health benefits and side effects

Tea tree oil, like many other natural herbs, does have some potential side effects.  They include blistering, itching, redness and skin irritation.

Other possible side effects include impaired immune function, diarrhea and altered hormone levels.  Internal uses of this oil can potentially cause deathly depressions in the central nervous system (confusion, coma, excessive drowsiness, sleepiness).

If you ever are experiencing any side effects after you have used tea tree essential oil, seek medical attention right away.  Also make sure it is kept away from pets and children. Overall the Tea Tree essential oil health benefits far outweigh any side effects.

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