Lavender Oil Aromatherapy For Better Health And Well Being

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Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy. Derived from the Lavender bush, the lovely lavender purple blue flowers are beautifully scented and have been used widely for improving health and well being as well as around the home. Many perfumes are known for their use of lavender.
Even in the Bible there is documented evidence of the healing properties of Lavender essential oil used in medicines, ointments and balms. Various cultures have used scents in a myriad of ways over the centuries.

These Ancient Cultures Are Known To Have Used Lavender Oil…

  • Egyptians used these beautiful scented oils in burial rituals and buried prized possessions with their dead. They also offered up their favorite scented oils as an honoring gift to the dead.
  • Romans used Lavender oils for enticing lovers and others.
  • Greeks used Lavender essential oils in religious ceremonies

Lavender Oil aromatherapy can restore health, energy and well being

Lavender Oil

  Lavender Oil Has Many Uses For Well Being and the Home


1). Lavender Oil Soothes Away Headaches

Lavender essential oil is soothing as a relaxant and well known for its ability to relieve headaches. A tension headache is caused by tense and tight muscles in shoulders and neck. Soft and soothing lavender oil will help to calm these muscles and relieve the pain.

Using a warm or cool compress can help relieve tension headaches. Simply add a few drops of Lavender Oil to the compress and leave it on the affected area for around 20 minutes and your headache should be relieved. Massage the temples and your neck as well to help ward another headache away.

2). Beat Insomnia With Lavender Oil

Lavender is very soothing and relaxing and can help to improve sleep. Use Lavender oil in a warm relaxing bath before bed, or add a few drops on your pillow to help lull you to sleep and sweet gentle dreams.

An essential oil diffuser can help as the diffuser will slowly waft the scent around the  room, helping you to feel relaxed and more ready to sleep. Lavender essential oil is particularly good to help children relax and sleep peacefully.

Lavender incense sticks can burned an added bonus. As the Lavender scents slowly waft your way you’ll be lulled into a restful sleep.

 3). Lavender Oil Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Lavender Essential Oil is relaxing as well as invigorating and lavender can help to magically lift your mood and your spirits. Calm excited jangled nerves with the soft healing balm of  the scent of Lavender Oil and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Lavender helps to improve your mental clarity as well as improve your sense of well being. When you are feeling under pressure and stressed, sometimes good, logical thinking goes out the window and your decisions are not as good as they could be. Lavender Oil gently helps bring you back into balance.

Add some Lavender Essential Oil to a tissue or handkerchief and keep it close by with you. Give yourself an instant, boosting mood lift.

Excellent for depression and anxiety, Lavender Essential Oil has made a name for itself in the medical world. Dr Mercola has a great article on the benefits of Lavender oil here

4). Lavender Oil Makes A Great Deodorant

Perhaps you’re tired of those nasty, chemical laden, commercial deodorants with exorbitant prices that may cause you skin irritation.

Lavender is often used in the best deodorants for its soft clean and fresh scent. You can dab a few drops on your wrist, neck or your armpits to help reduce body odor. You could add a few drops to your underclothes to keep you smelling fresh and clean all day long. Use perfumed Lavender Essential Oil sachets in your dresser drawers, cupboards and other areas to keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh.

Lavender oil aromatherapy added to your bath or a diffuser will help quickly wash away and alleviate stress from a busy day,  leaving you feeling balanced and calm, ready for anything that may come your way….

Some More Tips…

  • Rub a few drops on your temples to alleviate stress and take a perfumed bath before bed and you’ll sleep better.
  • Get a massage and have them use Lavender Oil on you to soak up the healing benefits.

You’ll Feel So Relaxed and Refreshed With Lavender Oil

The human body uses all of its senses to survive, but the greatest sense is your ability to smell. lavendar oilA pleasant attractive smell can relieve stress and emotions and help you to feel better ready to tackle just about anything that comes your way and aromatherapy is one of the most pleasant and easiest ways to relieve tension.

When you inhale the essence of plants or flowers, your body is absorbing the myriad of benefits that these oils have to offer.

The medical world is  treating more health conditions this way in medicine and more and more people are turning to these therapies in lieu of many Western conventional therapies. Essential oils can be added to cosmetics, ointments, lotions, creams and more.

Aromatherapy Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender oil

Does Lavender Essential Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Lavender essential oil is not generally harmful, even to those who are highly sensitive. If you do happen to notice any allergic reactions or troubles breathing, stop using the oils right away. Lavender is one of the more subdued scents in aromatherapy and most people can tolerate it very well.

Keep a bottle of lavender oil handy and add it to your incense sticks as well as to your candle collection. Use it as often as needed and you’ll feel better than ever.

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